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As a global society, we have been challenged by the pandemic of COVID-19. The hospitality industry has been faced with the rigorous task of providing a safe and well-shielded environment for tourists travelling all throughout the world. The Tesoro Blu Hotel and Spa has thus been intensely preparing for the challenges ahead. Our hotel’s “COVID ACTION PLAN” has been meticulously designed as to provide a protected environment for our guests while they are enjoying their summer holidays.


In accordance with the protocols of the World Health Organization, the European Union and the Greek government and all relevant laws and regulations associated with these institutions, the Tesoro Blu Hotel and Spa has devised an action plan to ensure the safety of its guests, employees and affiliates.

The basic outline of the “COVID ACTION PLAN” can be found below. An analytical description of the plan will also be provided to all our guests during their stay upon request.

  • Daily temperature checks for all staff members.
  • Weekly COVID-19 tests to all staff members.
  • Mandatory use of masks for all staff members.
  • Hand sanitizer sections placed throughout the hotel.
  • COVID-19 waste baskets placed throughout the hotel.
  • Training involving all aspects of COVID-19 protection to all staff members prior to hotel opening.
  • Specialized COVID-19 TASK TEAM for the monitoring of protocol activity and management of COVID-19 suspect and actual cases.
  • Medical Specialist assigned to the hotel for 24 hour service.
  • Specified procedures for check in and check out along with distancing while in reception area.
  • QR Code access to hotel information including menus for all hotel departments.
  • Two dinner servings to avoid congestion in restaurant areas.
  • Specialized buffet procedures for evening dining.
  • Signage throughout the hotel for proper distancing and hygiene.
  • Strict enforcement of HACCP/ISO for efficient safety and hygiene practices through hotel departments.
  • Trained personnel for COVID-19 to accept all incoming food orders and supplies.
  • Specialized Housekeeping training for the proper execution of safe room and suite turnover.
  • Enforced protocols by pool area to ensure guest safety (mandatory sunbed cleaning before change over, specified number of guests in pool simultaneously and distance between sunbeds).
As a company associated with the hospitality industry, we have always been proud of the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene through our hotel. Through the years we have thoroughly followed all HACCP/ISO rules and regulations and are prepared for managing all protocols associated with COVID-19. We wish all guests travelling this summer safe and relaxing holidays.


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